Monday, 23 September 2013

A trip to the reclamation yard...

 On my last weekend up in the midlands, Saturday morning I was at a bit of a loss... so I went for a snoop around the local reclamation yard which was literally 5miles up the road. I secretly love reclamation yards, not the showy fake clean ones where everything thing is in place and all displayed nicely with gift tags... but the ones where there are massive spiders crawling between the old doors and you have to wipe the dust off the furniture to see what is hiding beneath!... real reclamation yards where the things have charcter and are not quiet perfect... surly this is half the fun of discovering things?

These are just a tiny tiny amount of the doors and arches all stacked up... look at the amazing cream arch stacked at the back!

If you need a fireplace to add colour and character to a room, why would you look anywhere else... this place must have had at least 20 different fireplaces alone... all completly different in both size and colouring of tiles. 

Tiles, knobs and knockers... boxes full of dusty handles.

I love this... the rust flaking off, the fact that most of the glass is missing... I love the almost industrial look of the window. Im sure propped up in a hallway or at the side of a room it would add grander to a area. I wonder where it came from? Maybe a church or large house?

These have to be my best find... look at the layers of thick dust. Theses pictures don't do them justice!
I purchased 4 different bottles all which would sit well against my orange Le creuset hehe

All washed and ready to dry...

Not the best picture, but they look lovely with the sun shinning through them.

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