Sunday, 22 September 2013

Glass cups with style

I have recently just finished a contract designing boyswear for a large value supermarket chain. The role was a maternity contract and on my last day as part of my leaving gift I recieved a couple of these...

Rob Brandt glasses, arn't they fab they. They are taken off the orginal paper cups that get crushed and chucked away. The cups fit so well in to the palm of your hand and look pretty stylish to...maybe I will keep an eye out for a few more.

Don't they look fab all stacked up...

I think its always nice to have design pieces around the house that can be used and not just put on the side to be looked at... design is just as much about function as it is form.

These glasses are also produced in white, these look more like the real white plasic cups but I think the glass ones have more style.

Its funny how a everyday simple dispossable object can become the next thing in the design world and be listed in the New York times gift guide!

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