Thursday, 11 April 2013

Easter madness...

Just before Easter I went to NYC with work for a couple of days and while there I spotted a lot of easter madness. I know in the UK some parents go over the top buying stupid amount of chocolate eggs to make there kids super size, but the shops in the UK don't seam to embrace it half as much as the USA.

So it is very cute to dress your little one in big bunny ears and to send them out in there dressing gowns in to the garden to find little hidden eggs... but these shops just go nutty for it! I couldn't help but take a few pics in both Target and Walmart.

Cuddly toys, plastic egg shells, cookie cutters, big baskets, drink beakers, toys, cards, greeting cards,gift wrap, table decoration and even special plates and bowls...

Just a tiny selection of cards, the sheep one made me giggle! Does anyone in the UK really send Easter cards, or is it just grandparents who are giving older kids money instead of eggs?

Walmart beakers... 

Target beakers... This proves they are two different customers. This was clear walking through the store, in the quality difference of the garments and the feel and laylout of the store. The Target products were generally more design focused and possibly built to last slightly longer? These beakers are pretty sweet.

Horrible plush toys, cute cookie cutters.

Creme eggs with the old wrappers.

What easter is really about... I am just suprised they have made it out of chocolate!

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