Friday, 12 April 2013

The denim dress...

Denim dresses have been key on the catwalks this season from little ones to womenswear and within weeks they have been key pieces of the celebs wardrobes. The dresses are coming in all shapes and sizes... everything from pinafores to A line dresses. Dark washes to soft chambreys and not forgetting the mix and matches of different washes.

I love denim dresses they are so easy to wear, go with everything can be dressed up or dressed down and  you always feel girly when wearing one. It was only this Autumn that I threw my last homemade one out. It was a simple pinafore shape that was made from lovely soft dark denim, but after a few years of being put in the wrong wash and it shrinking and slowly dying it was time to throw it out... so which will my next denim dress be? (Will probably whip another one up next weekend anyway as the shape was lovely... but you can never have enough denim dresses)

Catwalk to High street... 

The Sienna Miller dress has to be my favourite the shape is feminine, the sleeves are beautiful and the embroidery  being solely in brown keeps the dress low eye and on trend. I can't find the designer of this dress but I will keep and eye out...

Miss Selfridge



I love this dress the shape is very girly and very me! and the colours are lovely... I just wonder if it would be as cute in real life? I'm debating asking for it for my birthday? Be cute to team with a coloured cardie and simple sandals.


This dress is fab and I would love to have it in my wardrobe but now I have seen the Asos printed dress I can't decide which one i prefer... I they both do different jobs but I think that the printed one is more 'me'?

Which denim dress in your fave?

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