Sunday, 3 March 2013

Is it Spring yet?

So the sun has actually come out, and it feels like the start of Spring! Flowers are poping out, buds on the trees and people are starting to cut their glass... it may still be freezing cold but it feels like spring is just around the corner.

Knits can get lighter, wardrobes become sunnier and heavy coats change for light jackets and body warmers are pulled out the back of the cuboards ready for those sunday afternoon walks across the beach!

The ombre trend is looking strong for Spring, is it that we are just dipping our toes into colour or is it that we are not quiet ready for a full wardrobe change? Take a peek at four ombre trends I have picked to be big this spring...

Purple to liacs...I love this way of displaying tuplips, so pretty. 
The table cloth would also be a real easy way to update any dinner party table!

Teal to mint.. Fabric necklace is not true ombre but it gives the same vibe.

Charcoal to grey... a really easy trend to carry off especially in the home.
 I always think a home full of books is a homely home... 
yes I do stack my own books in colours rather than topics!

Pink to coral... I love this necklace and I am very tempted to make one myself, it's pretty yet bold.
How fab does this cake look! This picture makes me want to learn to bake cakes that dont flop in the middle and then I could make a cake like this... I'm sure lots of little girls would love birthday cakes like this, especially if you kept the inside a suprise till you cut it open.

Hurry up Spring we are ready for you!


  1. Definitely want to try and make the cakes!! Yummy!! x x x

  2. this is really cute! love your blog! would you be so kind as to check out mine? would be an honour!
    Its fashion Damnit
    thank you!
    lottie xxxx

  3. That white/pink/coral cake is beautiful. I love the ombre trend!